How to create a microlecture?

“”Edynco microlectureA microlecture is a short video or audio presentation of narrowly focused topic. Microlecture follows the principle of “bite-size information”. Thus learner can explore and pull the content relevant to him/her and move through it at his/her own pace. That means that one microlecture shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes. You can create microlecture as narrated PowerPoint, screencast or short video.

In this post I’ll present 4 elements, which are important when creating a microlecture on the basis of your PowerPoint slides.

Learning Technology 2014 impressions

“”Learning Technology 2014 London - EdyncoAt the end of January we attended 15th Learning Technology conference and exhibition in London. As the organizers claim, this is the largest L&D exhibition and conference in Europe. Apart from being able to present Edynco to the vast group of visitors, our attention was focused on the trends in technology based learning area.

What changes can we expect?

If we simplify our predictions on the future of (e)learning, we can say, that the whole industry is starting to aware, that we have to go back to roots of learning. There were a lot of great talks on how online learning process works or what are the basic rules to take into account when developing online learning materials.