One Simple idea for engaging your students

We are all very familiar with student activities like quizzes, branching scenarios, puzzles, simulations and so on. They are all beneficial for students in terms of getting to know the subject, but I believe they need something more to achieve better long term recall of learnt information and to be prepared for applying what they’ve learnt later in their daily life.

So they need activities that enable them to link something they already know with what they are learning. William Horton calls these activities connect-type activities. He listed range types of connect-type activities. But I especially like this table from his book E-Learning by Design, which presents what type of activity to use in particular case:

The evolution of Edynco in 2014

It’s always great to see a progress of something or someone. This inspires us or just informs us that a progress is in the center of our lives.

Edynco – a Learning map tool is evolving each day. When our team sees how useful Edynco is for teachers and students we are proud on our work and on how well the idea of Learning maps is being accepted.

During the last year we put a lot of effort to meet our users’ expectations. Therefore the evolution of Edynco is primary the result of endless collaboration between them and our great team.

We’ve filtered our 6 most important steps in Edynco development in 2014:

How to design student friendly Learning maps? – Here is your Guide and a Gift

“”The end of the year is time when we look back and review everything we’ve done.

Thus also for Edynco, year 2014 was a year, dedicated to raise awareness about Learning maps. Through our blog posts, we’ve tried to explain what are Learning maps, how to use and create them and why to use them.

Since numerous blog posts  were written covering different areas, we’ve decided to gather all essential information in Guide, in order to make a Learning map creation process a little easier for you. At the bottom of this page, you can download the Guide which will help you to keep your Learning map design simple and effective.