Mind map VS Learning map

in Instructional design

7 differences between mind map and Learning Map

“”Mind map VS Learning mapThere is no difference, you are going to say. But there is.

The main difference is that mind maps are all designed for presenting the idea or organizing/planning things together, thus all features are subjected to those needs, although you can use mind mapping tools for variety of different purposes depending on your creativity.

Learning Map on the other hand is visually and functionally designed only for educational purposes, for presenting a learning topic to the learners which must be very consistent, properly curated, meaningful and supported with appropriate didactic learning materials.

In this post I’m going to present key differences which will help you decide when to use mind map and when a Learning Map in e-learning.

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From table above you can see that the mind map is surely the basis for a Learning Map with some added functionalities that are important in e-learning. So it depends on the purpose of your use of mapping tools and what functionalities you need.

But why use mapping tools in e-learning anyway:

  • It helps us break out of the linear way of presenting learning contents.
  • It prevents us from designing information dumps.
  • It encourages learners to explore topic and to pull the content at the point of need.
  • Tightly focused resources attached to map’s branches reflect in memorable learning experience.

and last but not least


For conclusion here is an example of a Learning Map:


Now it is your turn. Tell me, have you ever tried using mind mapping tools for e-learning design? What were the results?