How to design your course to achieve engaging learning experiences?

What we must keep in mind when designing online course is that the students want to have control over their learning environment and its content. But we need to be aware of the fact that not all students possess skills and motivational levels required to successfully finish online course.

Our particular concern is the creation of engaging and appropriate learning experiences which lead students to achieving intended learning outcomes. It is clear that student/content interaction is dominant in asynchronous online courses. So it is our job to deliver the content that is complete, relevant and accurate.

If we want to do this, the collection of our resources must include these 6 design elements:

6 design elements for engaging online courses  

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Turn your Lesson plan into a Lesson using a Learning map

I already wrote about the importance of well-prepared lesson plan in order to conduct a successful lesson in my previous post. In this post I will show you an example of converting a content of a lesson plan into a Learning map with Edynco tool.

All the magic is that you gather all the instructional material together and merge it in one place in a form of a Learning map with these guidelines in mind.  

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Designing according to cognitive theory of multimedia design in one place

Since I’ve begun to flirt with instructional design years ago, I was faced with several theories about how e-learning content should be prepared to assure that the learners get the most out of it. It was really challenging to connect everything I’ve read and found about cognitive theory into one meaningful whole and how to get a quick overview about main principles of multimedia design.

In the end I gathered everything that, in my opinion, is the basis of multimedia design, in this Learning map, which I hope will give you an overview about:

  • The three basic cognitive principles
  • Tips about how these principles should be applied in your multimedia design

Enjoy the following Learning map.  

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